For Referring Doctors

If you have a patient with an oncology diagnosis or suspicious labs for hematology and you'd like to make a referral to Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, please contact us with information about your patient:

Referral by phone:

425.297.5500 (medical oncology)
425.297.5590 (radiation oncology) 
425.297.5660 (gynecologic oncology)
Provide basic information about your patient.
Schedule an appointment for your patient.
Fax your patient's medical records to us.
425.297.5505 (medical oncology records)
425.297.5595 (radiation oncology records) 
425.297.5505 (gynecologic oncology records)

Referral by fax:

Print, complete and fax the "Fax Referral Form" below to us.
425.297.5505 (referral fax line)
We'll schedule an appointment with your patient within four hours.
We'll call you to confirm the appointment and collect patient records.

Patient Referral Form PDF